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Sleep Training for new moms and babies in Colorado Springs.

Sleep Training

Amanda advanced her education and knowledge in the area of sleep.  Just like breast-feeding, sleep is something that has to be taught and is not as natural as you would think. Sleep deprivation is hard on not only the baby, but the family and especially the mother. Struggling with her first child who did not sleep through the night until well after one year old and breast fed every 2 hours at night, Amanda lived sleep deprived and understands the significance first hand of teaching babies to sleep.  

My Philosophy

Sleep is an essential function to live.  Your brain and body do not function well without it.  As a caretaker with a new baby, you do not realize how sleep deprived you become.  It can last for weeks or months.  It can last longer if your baby does not learn how to sleep on their own. This puts parents in survival mode.  I had no idea that around 4 months of age, babies need to be taught how to fall asleep.  Don’t we just do that naturally?  I learned this the hard way with my first child who did not sleep through the night until well after a year old.  I have no idea how I survived that year being so sleep deprived.  Navigating through sleep issues is so frustrating and literally exhausting.  There are effective strategies that can be taught and implemented around sleep that can make life easier and your nights more restful.

How I can help?

I would love to help parents and their babies develop good sleep hygiene from an early start.  What does that mean?  That means educating families in the early days about establishing good routines around sleep and how this can impact sleep success in the early weeks and months after having your baby.  Each baby and family are different and I would love to help each family in their journey and find solutions that may help.  I offer a sleep consultation and two week program for $300.  This includes a one-hour consult, an individualized sleep program and check-ins for the course of two weeks.  Please reach out for more information to see if this will be a good fit for you.

Contact Me for a FREE Consultation!

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