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Lactation Training and Services from a professional in Colorado Springs.

Lactation Consulting

After having her first child in 2014, who was born early and struggled with breast-feeding, feeding became a passion.  She realized first hand the struggles of breast-feeding and how important those first few weeks are in establishing a good feeding relationship between infant and mother.  Amanda’s career moved from the hospital to the early intervention setting around this time where she could focus on supporting infants, young children and their families in early developmental skills.  


Amanda’s passion for helping mothers and infants with feeding further developed after having her second and third children, both who had different breast-feeding challenges.  Her 2nd child had a lip and tongue tie and her 3rd child had reflux.  Breast feeding proved challenging each time and Amanda wanted to gain more education to help mom’s learn the skill of breast feeding and feel more confident in this journey. She breast fed her 1st and 2nd to 10 months and her 3rd to three years.  Amanda has her Certified Breastfeeding Specialist certification (CBS) and has a passion for helping mothers and infants find the joy in feeding.

My Philosophy

Feeding your baby is one of the most joyous and bonding experiences as a caretaker.  There is nothing more beautiful than holding your precious baby and feeding them. When something goes wrong, a parent can feel devastated and at fault. Breastfeeding, though natural, is not always easy and can have a pretty steep learning curve.  Each baby and mom is unique and sometimes even experienced moms can have trouble breast-feeding one of their babies.  Sometimes the early help to establish this breast-feeding relationship is not easily available to mom and the relationship can become impacted and mom’s milk supply can be affected.  Bottle feeding can also be a struggle for some babies and this can create a lot of worry and fear for the family.  One of my biggest passions in my career is helping in the area of feeding.  I love the education around breast-feeding and feeding in general and helping families through each stay of feeding development.  It is such a special area to help families and so rewarding to all involved.  I would love to be your guide in all things feeding to include helping with skills such as proper latch and positioning with breast-feeding to the introduction of solid foods. 

How I can help?

I have vast experience both personally and professionally in the area of feeding.  I have helped many babies and parents through breast-feeding, bottle feeding and with effectively eating solid foods.  I would love to help you along this journey and make feeding more enjoyable and social for the family.  Feeding is truly meant to be joyous and social and I would love to help you meet these goals.  


Examples of some of the services I can assist include:

  • Helping baby latch more effectively 

  • Helping mom with breast-feeding positions that are more comfortable and effective

  • Helping family recognize hunger cues and time feedings to match these early cues

  • Helping baby achieve a better suck, swallow, and breath coordination pattern to make feeds easier for baby and mom

  • Helping mom with managing her supply

  • Bottle feeding

  • Introduction of solid foods

  • Baby led weaning

  • Sensory needs and how they impact feeding


Pricing starts at $100.  Please contact me for more information.

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