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Hello, welcome to eat play sleep.

Amanda is a wife, a mother of 3 and a pediatric occupational therapist in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Amanda graduated from James Madison University in 2003 with a bachelors in OT.  She received a research based masters degree in OT from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2009 and her doctorate degree in OT from VCU in 2013.  She has a passion for learning and helping others, especially children and families.  Amanda’s occupational therapy experience includes helping children and families in both the hospital and early intervention settings.  She has achieved several high level certifications in the areas of sensory processing, neuro-developmental treatment and feeding. 


After having her first child in 2014, who was born early and struggled with breast-feeding, feeding became a passion.  She realized first hand the struggles of breast-feeding and how important those first few weeks are in establishing a good feeding relationship between infant and mother.  Amanda’s career moved from the hospital to the early intervention setting around this time where she could focus on supporting infants, young children and their families in early developmental skills.  


Amanda’s passion for helping mothers and infants with feeding further developed after having her second and third children, both who had different breast-feeding challenges.  Her 2nd child had a lip and tongue tie and her 3rd child had reflux.  Breast feeding proved challenging each time and Amanda wanted to gain more education to help mom’s learn the skill of breast feeding and feel more confident in this journey. She breast fed her 1st and 2nd to 10 months and her 3rd to three years.  Amanda has her Certified Breastfeeding Specialist certification (CBS) and has a passion for helping mothers and infants find the joy in feeding.  


Through this journey, Amanda also advanced her education and knowledge in the area of sleep.  Just like breast-feeding, sleep is something that has to be taught and is not as natural as you would think. Sleep deprivation is hard on not only the baby, but the family and especially the mother.  Amanda felt it advantageous to become certified as a sleep consultant and has her sleep consultant certification.  Struggling with her first child who did not sleep through the night until well after one year old and breast fed every 2 hours at night, Amanda lived sleep deprived and understands the significance first hand of teaching babies to sleep.  


Amanda is also learning about dyslexia and walking the path with her two oldest children who were diagnosed in 2019 and 2021. Amanda has had to advocate for their needs and has learned how to navigate the diagnosis in the school system and help her children thrive.  


Amanda’s desire is to help infants, young children and their families bond, thrive and find joy as a family.  This means helping moms and new babies with their breast feeding journey, helping with the progression of feeding, offering help with play skills and teaching babies to sleep.  Amanda would love to help you with your journey as a parent.

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Amanda Kute


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